Responsible Travel Tips

Adventure Lanka Tours has a sincere affection for our motherland Sri Lanka and would like to develop tourism in Sri Lanka responsibly. We have therefore listed a few tips on how you can ensure that Sri Lanka is preserved in its original state for many more generations to come.

  1. Dress modestly in public places and religious sites and avoid topless sunbathing.
  2. Do not pose for photographs in front of religious sites.
  3. Do not consume liquor on full moon poya days and other religious holidays
  4. Do not ever touch clergymen.
  5. Enjoy local food cooked with local produce as much as possible.
  6. Conduct bargaining in a light-hearted and courteous manner.
  7. Always ask permission before taking pictures of people.
  8. Do not waste water – use showers; do not leave taps running, re-use towels.
  9. Do not waste electricity – turn off lights, TV etc
  10. Re-use plastic bags when shopping or buy cotton shopping bag.
  11. Only throw rubbish in litter bins or take it with you back to your hotel
  12. Consider taking a bag with a zip lock when trekking to pick up litter.
  13. Be wary of purchasing wood artefacts and ornaments at sites of interest unless you are sure that the wood came from sustainable forests.
  14. Do not consume game meat, turtle eggs or other game or the meat of other protected species
  15. Do not smoke or consume liquor inside national parks and nature reserves.
  16. Do not buy or use any sort of narcotics of any kind including marijuana when on holiday. Drug possession carries the death penalty in Sri Lanka.
  17. Do not patronise local establishments of ill repute and engage the service of call girls. Prostitution is illegal in Sri Lanka and carries heavy penalties.